Thinking Green Nomad Beach Bar

The five-acre Nomad farm, also known as The Sands Shamba, uses the guiding principles of permaculture farming, combined with waste recycling and up-cycling, to produce fresh, organic fruit and vegetables for the restaurant.

Permaculture farming is the development of sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystems, which uses rather than harms the natural environment so that crops continue to grow over time.

Raised growing beds resting on shallow soil and coral have been created using homemade organic compost from restaurant waste and other organic material. Highly nutritious vegetable waste is also used to feed the farm’s 100 free-range chickens, thus lowering our impact on the environment. It is one of the chickens’ primary functions other than laying eggs.

The farm has so far produced tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, yellow guavas, passion fruits, herbs, spices, mangoes and lettuces – and more!