Kenana Knitters at Nomad Boutique

Looking for an ideal gift for the little ones in your life? Pop into our beachside boutique and browse through our gorgeous selection of hand-knitted toys from Kenana Knitters.

Founded in 1998 in the agricultural area of Njoro, on the western rim of Kenya’s stunning Rift Valley, Kenana Knitters was designed to empower Kenyan women living in rural farming villages by helping them to derive a much needed source of income using their spinning and knitting skills. Kenana Knitters was founded on the premise of ‘changing lives stitch by stitch.’

Today, Kenana Knitters employs 500 Kenyan women to knit and spin and make a brighter future for themselves and their families. Knitting is ideal for women who are juggling multiple roles and responsibilities within the home, out in the fields and in the community – often for little or no pay – as it requires minimal equipment and can be done in small chunks of time whilst carrying out other daily activities.

We are proud to support the work of the Kenana Knitters and the company’s commitment to paying fair wages and creating high quality, organic products using AZO free dyes and natural plant dyes from locally grown plants for vibrancy and colour. Each unique design is a handcrafted creation, telling the individual stories of rural Kenyan women and bearing the name of the woman who made it.