Located only a few kilometers from the beach, Nomad Farm is a pioneer and leader in the organic food industry, specifically in supplying restaurants with fresh, organic produce. Founded on the philosophy of healthy living, sustainability, and environmentally friendly practices, Nomad Farm has become synonymous with quality, freshness and ethical farming.

The farm follows strict organic and sustainable practices that ensure that their produce is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. Nomad Farm produces a wide variety of crops including exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, that are all grown naturally, without any artificial enhancements or synthetic additives.

Their produce is not only healthy but also packed with fresh flavors and vibrant colors that make any restaurant dish stand out. The farm supplies produce to several restaurants, such as Indulge and the Nomad Beach Bar. The Chefs appreciate the consistent quality, freshness, and organic certification of the produce that they receive from the farm.

Nomad Farm’s organic produce is not only the healthiest and freshest but also the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option for restaurants. Their produce is unmatched in quality and flavor… for the greatest pleasure of our customers!