As part of our Sustainability program, The Sands has just taken another big step in assisting local communities around Ukunda and Diani.

With the current state of the world and with the effects of climate change being felt and food insecurities on the rise we have seen more than a doubling of agricultural commodities in Kenya, basic items such as fertilisers are no longer affordable for people who desperately need them to ensure some productivity on their farms. With high levels of reliance put on food imports and there is little awareness in these communities as to the negative human and environmental health effects of using chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Considering this, The Sands partnered with HERI, a health and environmental research institute, have provided the Nomad farm, tools and staff members for training programs covering Organic farming techniques, Waste reuse, recycling and repurposing and Sustainable living techniques.

This past Saturday the first seventeen leaders of our local communities arrived at the farm and began their training of life skills they can take home to their families and their communities. This first course covered Compost making using ‘waste’, Vermiculture (worm farming) using ‘waste’, ‘waste’ uses for increased productivity, Permaculture techniques, natural pest deterrents and a basic introduction to Aquaponics.

We will continue to work with HERI and the local communities to share knowledge skills and experience so that we can all work better and greener in the future.