Kenya Kite Cup

Diani Beach Kenya - Nomad Beach Bar

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  • Date / Time:
  • Venue: Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant

  • Diani Beach's annual kitesurfing competition will be held from 18th to 20th of January 2019 at Nomad Beach Bar. The competition can be entered by anybody who can kite, young or old, amateur or professional. Karibuni!

    The whole event is in aid of Diani Turtle Watch and Local Ocean Conservation!

    There will be 2 separate events taking place during the competition:

    1. Freestyle competition:
    The competitors will perform freestyle movements and selected judges will allocate points based on difficulty, fluidity and style of the trick plus kite position during the maneuver. Women and men will be competing separately. Prizes will be waiting for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 2500KES registration fee.

    Online registration:
    The registration for the freestyle event will be online this year. If you would like to participate please complete the form at the following:

    2. Downwind Relay Race:
    A maximum of 10 teams with 3 riders each will race against each other in a downwind relay. The fastest team, with all 3 riders being at the final, will win. Each team will be "auctioned" and the spectators have the chance to bet on a team. The person who bets on the winning team will get 50% of the whole pot. The remainder will go to the charity organisation.

    Evening entertainment:
    Saturday night will host the famous Hawaiian Dress-up Party at Nomad Beach Bar with good vibes, party tunes and cocktails.

    Non-kiters welcome:
    In addition to quite simply a great atmosphere, there will also be a large raffle with attractive prizes from all over Kenya. All money raised from ticket sales will be donated to Diani Turtle Watch.

    Join us for 3 days of fun on the beach!

    Diani Beach Kite Cup

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