Kenya Kite surf Cup

With crystal clear waters, reliable wind conditions and miles of soft white sand, Diani Beach is a kite-surfer’s paradise and the ideal spot for East Africa’s only kite surfing competition.
The Kenya Kite Cup is an action-packed, 3-day long, freestyle kiting competition from H20 Extreme. The event is open to both amateur and professional kiters as well as the young and young-at-heart from around the world.

Competitors will perform freestyle movements before a panel of judges looking to allocate points based on difficulty, fluidity, style of trick and kite position before the final manoeuvre.
If you can’t quite picture yourself kitesurfing, fear not. It is very much a spectator’s sport. With a drink in your hand and a lovely light lunch on the terrace, sit back and enjoy the mesmerising sight of colourful kites at sea as competitors showcase their best manoeuvres.

There’s also a raffle with fantastic prizes from across Kenya and you can let your hair down at Nomad’s famous Hawaiian-themed after-party on Saturday night.

The event is in support of Diani Turtle Watch and the Local Ocean Conservation.

Take a look at the planned schedule for 2020 (all wind dependent):

1. Freestyle competition.

Women and men will compete separately. Prizes will be waiting for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 2500KES registration fee.

2. Downwind Relay Race.

A maximum of 10 teams with 3 riders each will race against each other in a downwind relay. The fastest team, with all 3 riders being at the final, will win. Each team will be ‘auctioned’ and the spectators have the chance to bet on a team. The person who bet on the winning team will get 50% of the whole pot. The rest will go to the charity organisation.

Register online:

Book your table now for 3 days of fun on the beach!

For the uninitiated and those that prefer to stick with a wine they know, the world of wine is a fascinating if daunting place to be. To help you navigate your way through, we’ve welcomed back professional sommelier Moses. Moses is delighted to be part of the Nomad team again and looking forward to introducing our guests to wines tried and untried, old and new.

Moses and Chef Andrea are on hand to create bespoke food and wine pairings for private tastings, Prosecco lunches and special celebrations (minimum 4 persons, maximum 12).

Whatever the occasion, Moses is the perfect host to take you around the world, one fine wine at a time, all from within the unique ambience of our stylish, temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Flowers in full bloom and the incessant hum of honeybees was the recent scene on The Sands Organic Farm.

The Sands’ Green Team has stepped into the fascinating world of bee keeping. Last week, the farm’s first beehive produced its first successful honey harvest.

The team had been anticipating a harvest of between 3 to 4 kilograms of honey, but some industrious little bees had worked tirelessly to make more. During pollination, bees produce honey out of flower nectar for use as a food source, which is then stored in the combs they build.

After separating the combs, the team weighed 6 and a half kilograms of the sweetest, warmest, golden honey. The honey was immediately transported to the Nomad kitchen.
After such a buzzing success, more hives will be added to the farm. Thank you to our little honeybees without whom there would be no life on earth.

Join us for the Colobus Conversation annual Golf on the Beach tournament at Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant!


We were thrilled to see one of Diani’s star residents, Christopher Odinga, featured on national television.

Christopher is a celebrated local sand artist who has not let hardship and physical disability stop him from sharing his amazing talent with residents and tourists along Diani Beach. Christopher has held sand art sessions with local school students and given parents a chance to dine in peace by getting the kids involved in creating some truly unique pieces of art.

Christopher’s most famous creations include his depiction of Africa’s Big Five and his annual Christmas snowmen which are a centrepiece of countless holiday photos at Nomad.

Christopher can be found plying his trade under a kikoy shade cloth on the white sandy beach outside Nomad, every Sunday and more often throughout the holiday season.

Always a friendly face, Christopher will be happy to show you his art and to welcome your support.

The Nomad farm is blossoming. The five-acre farm produces fresh, organic produce for the Nomad kitchen using the guiding principles of permaculture farming, combined with waste recycling and up cycling. Daily harvests now include pawpaw, custard apples, avocados, mangoes, chillis, rucola, tomatoes, passion fruits, spinach, guavas, basil, rosemary and mint – the perfect ingredients for a delicious fresh salad.

The farm also breeds its own chickens for sustainable egg production. Bees are busy producing honey as the acacias, sunflowers and all the crops are ripe for pollinating.

With the rainy season on its way, plans are underway to plant more banana trees to serve the breakfast buffet. More raised growing beds have been planted, lined with recycled glass bottles and just waiting for the rain to fall.

The Sands has long been committed to making a positive difference to both our immediate and wider environments, starting with our own community.

A representative of the Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network on HIV and Aids (KELIN), Esther Nelima, was recently invited to Nomad to give a special sensitisation training workshops to help educate, support and empower our staff.

HIV prevalence in the local community stands at 3.8% according to the 2018 HIV Estimate report, released in December 2018 by the National Aids Control Council (NACC). Stigma and discrimination against people living with and affected by HIV also remains high, at 48%.

All staff were given the opportunity to attend the training sessions over the course of 5 days. The training covered awareness on sexual health, STIs and HIV/Aids; signs, symptoms and methods of prevention; the importance of testing, early diagnoses and treatment as well as adherence and disclosure; and legal protection for people living with HIV and Aids through the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act (HAPCA).

Initial feedback from the sessions revealed that few of those in attendance were aware of the realities of HIV transmission, prevention and treatment and that diagnoses does not have to be devastating or a life-limiting. It is hoped that this intervention – the first of its kind in Diani – will help KELIN to reach more people within the tourism industry, to ensure those who do not know their HIV status are tested and linked to care and support and to prevent further deaths from HIV related illnesses in the tourism industry.

Individual counseling sessions to encourage more people to talk openly and freely regarding issues related to HIV and Aids followed the training sessions, with further training planned for 2019.

Kenya Kite surf Cup

Diani’s action-packed, 3-day long, freestyle kite surfing competition is back! Organised by H20 Extreme and hosted by Nomad, it is the perfect way to help beat the January Blues.

Professional and amateur competitors will perform freestyle movements before a panel of judges who will allocate points based on difficulty, fluidity, style of trick and kite position before the final manoeuvre. If you’d rather sit this one out, why not indulge in a relaxed weekend, watching colourful kite surfing scenes unfold on Africa’s number 1 beach? You can also browse through a range of craft stalls selling locally made products, including clothes and jewellery, and hit the dance floor at a Hawaiian-themed after-party.

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets for the chance to win some fantastic prizes in support of the local Diani Turtle Watch.

Check out the planned schedule for 2018 (all wind dependent):

Friday, 18th January 2018
10am-11am: Kiters’ Registration (Ksh2,500 registration fees)
11am-12pm: Kiters’ Briefing and drawing of the heats
12pm-5pm: Craft stalls
1pm – 5pm: Heats, men followed by women

All day: Sales of raffle tickets in aid of Diani Turtle Watch

Saturday, 20th January 2018
12pm – 5pm: Craft stalls
1pm – 3pm: Semi-finals and finals, men followed by women
From 8pm: Hawaiian after party on the sundeck at the Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant. Dress-up/theme party with prize for best costume.

All day: Sales of raffle tickets in aid of Diani Turtle Watch

Sunday, 20th January 2018
11pm – 3pm: Sales of raffle tickets
12pm – 5pm: Craft stalls
1pm – 2.30pm: Auctioning of Relay teams and Relay downwind race
2.30pm: Prize giving to winners of the men and women’s freestyle competition
3pm: Auctioning of prizes and drawing of raffle tickets

Nomad is not called the ‘best spot on the beach’ for nothing. Looking out at endless blue skies, crystal-clear water and miles of powdery white sand our outdoor terrace is the perfect place to watch the world go by.

Chef Andrea and his team create delicious dishes using only the freshest, finest local ingredients, including herbs and vegetables grown on the Nomad Farm. Our extensive a la carte menu features a sizzling range of international cuisine from Italian pizza cooked in our wood-fired oven to fresh-caught seafood, sushi, Swahili dishes, Indian curries and more. Our daily menu offers specially crafted highlights from the Nomad kitchen.

Put on your competitive hat and head down to the beach for a fun-filled family day out at the Nomad Sand Sculpture Competition. We’ve got a host of fantastic prizes up for grabs!

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with an evening rendition of traditional Christmas carols from a local choir?

Not content with doing the rounds on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas will be arriving at Nomad on Christmas Day before making his journey back to the North Pole.

If you’d like your child to receive an extra special gift from Father Christmas, please drop a wrapped present, clearly marked with your child’s name on it, off at the reception desk at the Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant by 4pm on Friday, 21st December.

See out the old and ring in the new at Diani’s most stylish New Year’s event. Enjoy a lavish feast set to the soulful sounds of jazz from the superb Iris Duo and Janike followed by electrifying tunes from DJ Caboos as the countdown to Midnight begins.

Leave the New Year’s resolutions till later and start the year as you’d like to go on an afternoon of indulgence, relaxation and music from the Hakuna Matata Band.

Nomad Christmas Craft Fair Diani Beach Kenya

The 2018 Nomad Christmas Craft Fair was a hot and beautiful day. With 70 stalls on the terrace and on the beach, camels riding past, sand sculptures being made and a lively raffle and auction, it was a superb day of fun, laughter and Christmas shopping.

Thank you to all the guests and exhibitors for your support in aid of Diani Turtle Watch and its tireless efforts to protect endangered turtles.

Till this time next year, here’s a round up of images from the 2018 Nomad Christmas Craft Fair.

Christmas Craft Fair Gallery