Flowers in full bloom and the incessant hum of honeybees was the recent scene on The Sands Organic Farm.

The Sands’ Green Team has stepped into the fascinating world of bee keeping. Last week, the farm’s first beehive produced its first successful honey harvest.

The team had been anticipating a harvest of between 3 to 4 kilograms of honey, but some industrious little bees had worked tirelessly to make more. During pollination, bees produce honey out of flower nectar for use as a food source, which is then stored in the combs they build.

After separating the combs, the team weighed 6 and a half kilograms of the sweetest, warmest, golden honey. The honey was immediately transported to the Nomad kitchen.
After such a buzzing success, more hives will be added to the farm. Thank you to our little honeybees without whom there would be no life on earth.